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Development of Solutions Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
We help growing companies quickly create a minimum viable product (MVP) driven by artificial intelligence (AI) based on machine learning and neural networks, in conditions of limited time and resources, using our knowledge and our line of AIC software products for rapid prototyping of AI systems so that you can immediately start using its advantages in business and ensure its effectiveness, minimizing risks and costs

Cost: from 4900 USD
Duration: from 2 weeks
We make an AI-driven MVP or your task quickly

We develop mathematical AI models
in the following areas:
AI-powered analysis of financial data and information
Medical image and telemetry analysis
Predicting student performance
Predictive equipment diagnostics and telemetry analysis
Portrait of working in the system
Analysis of user activity on PCs and mobile devices
Voice and audio analytics
Recognition of emotions, speaker, speech, commands, etc.
Computer Vision
Analysis of photo, video, drone photography, faces, cars, buildings
Text analytics
Classification and comparison of messages, documents, etc.

Case №1
Detection, segmentation and classification of buildings and cars in high-resolution photographs in GIS based on deep neural networks
Case №2
Classification and prediction of pre-emergency situations based on the analysis of oil wells telemetry data
Case №3
Forecasting student performance based on analysis of activity data in distance learning systems
Case №4
Identification of enterprise employees by facial image or thermogram based on artificial neural networks
Case №5
Verification of the user by keyboard handwriting while working on the computer in real time
Case №6
Analysis and classification of electroencephalograms based on machine learning methods
Case №7
Verification of a handwritten signature based on artificial intelligence neural network models with automatic training on small samples
Case №8
Analysis of voice signals to identify speakers and determine their psychophysiological state based on neural network machine learning models
Case №9
Identification of user requests to automate the first line of technical support
Case №10
Classification of borrowers by credit risk level to automate credit scoring
Case performed on the basis of Omsk State Technical University (OMSTU)
Development of the first edition of the GOST R standard “Artificial Intelligence. Neural network algorithms for secure execution. Automatic training of neural network models on small samples in classification problems"

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