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ModelOps/MLOps platform
Enterprise AI lifecycle management environment

It allows you to implement and control work processes at all stages of digital transformation, from research and development of machine learning models to their implementation in the business environment and monitoring their effectiveness.

Demonstration of the AICPlatform
AICPlatform users
AI Developers

Organizations involved in custom AI and Data Science development
IT departments

which are engaged in the digital transformation of business processes

Educational organizations that provide training in AI

Students, graduate students and teachers whose activities are related to AI
Application areas of the AICPlatform
Financial services organizations that use AI technologies
AI-powered healthcare applications, examination optimization
Training of students and implementation of laboratory workshops in the field of AI
Predictive equipment diagnostics and telemetry analysis
Applications related to biometric data and behavior analysis
Voice analytics
Applications related to the analysis of voice and audio signals
GIS, Computer Vision
Analysis of photographs and video data, faces, cars, buildings, etc.

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